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“JT (photographer) came to our home to take the pictures for our listing. IMMEDIATELY he made us both feel like we had been friends forever…kindred spirits! He was SO humble and kind. He showed us compassion. He gave lots of compliments. We talked a little while he was taking pictures. I tell you the truth…we feel like we have ALWAYS know him!! Thank you JT!! We enjoyed your visit!! We feel like we are BETTER people for having met you!!!”


“ I just want to let you know how awesome JT was! He helped make the house look awesome for photos and paid so much attention to detail. He has a great eye, he explained every single photo he was taking and the reason for taking it. Even though he had a lot of other appointments to get to today he took the time to make sure the photos were perfect. Plus he is super passionate about his work. I love meeting people who are passionate about their careers! ”


“JT took beautiful pictures of my home and was very friendly. ”


“The first step of getting our house on the market has gone great. JT (Photgrapher)was so professional, took excellent photos and was overall a great person! ”


“JT was amazing. My husband complimented JT’s professionalism and attention to detail.”


“Your photographer, JT., took the house photos when we recently listed our house with you. As is obvious from the photos, he certainly went “above and beyond” in his efforts to get the best photos possible. He was a pleasure to work with and I wanted you to know how dedicated he was and how much we appreciate it.”


“From the initial point of contact with JT, to his candor expertise objective and talent it was from end to end and one of the most phenomenal professional experiences I have had in quite some time. The results were jaw-dropping. I cannot sing enough praises and as you can see the results were far superior to anything another photographer could ever provide. They used to have the saying the customer is always right, and in the sale of a large asset, I think this more than applies, and the previous photographer did not make the slightest effort to fulfill that statement. But JT not only accommodated for a 9p shoot, he communicated with me through the entire experience. He rearranged things for the optimal shots, put time love and aplenty on into every detail, and worked through the night almost till midnight putting his work and end result, paramount, resulting in the best possible outcome, I could not have been happier and you will absolutely see why. Above and beyond expectation and appreciation. ”